Mobile app marketing

Mobile app marketing

Get your mobile App successfully launched with the help of an optimized mobile app marketing plan. A perfect combo of the marketing plan, its implementation, and evaluation, along with the best possible competitive strategies, are the primary requirements to make your launch a success. Due to a highly dynamic mobile ecosystem, we need to keep up to date with the latest and high-quality methodologies. So we Protech Planner aims to offer a comprehensive mobile marketing plan at affordable prices.

Our mobile app marketing plan

Our mobile app marketing plan comprises of all the following specialization:

  • ● App Store Optimisation: It allows you to make your app top ranker with good and effective keywords on Play Store and Apple Store. Thus, helping you to increase the number of downloads of your App.
  • ● CPI campaigns via affiliate networks: With the help of CPI campaigns via affiliate networks, reduce your cost per install (CPI). Moreover, due to hai network quality, the installation of your App can be manifold.
  • ● App install campaigns: We are highly known for running various campaigns for your App across several categories, including gaming, entertainment, Business, finance, etc.
  • ● App reputation management: Maintain a good reputation of your App by maintaining secure, usable, and high-performance speed of your App.
  • ● Mobile App and Mobile web designing: Get your App designs that can support multiple screen sizes so that screen size variation should not be a hurdle in attracting huge traffic.
  • ● App development for mobile: Protech Planner guarantees you to create the best possible mobile App for your business entity. So that you can belt a good network. In addition to this, your App will be complementary to your policies, needs, and requirements.

To know more about App Store Optimisation and how plans work or what our approach is, do read the blog on App Store Optimisation. So that you can clear all your doubts and get in-depth knowledge about App Store Optimisation.

How do we create marketing for your mobile App?

Our experts take due care of the following points, which are necessary for ASO.

  • ● First of all, we always try to understand your audience.
  • ● Then we'll look at the competitors in your industry.
  • ● Next, we create a website with a strong CTA and follow all the app store Optimisation strategies.
  • ● Next, we follow all the advertisement strategies so that your App can reach many people.
  • ● Finally, we analyze and track the performance of your App.

Our services

We offer the following solutions for your business entity in order to improve app installs and discovery.

  • ● Mobile app marketing strategy
  • ● Press release and social media services
  • ● Mobile app store Optimisation
  • ● Paid campaigns
  • ● User engagement and retention
  • ● Mobile App Analytics

Reach to the masses

So do you want to increase your reach? If yes, then contact the Protech Planner as soon as possible. And get an App marketing plan as per your needs and requirements. Protech Planner is always here to help you by offering its services at affordable prices.