Google Ads Management Services

Google ads Management Services

With the help of the Protech Planner, make your Google ads campaign a huge success.

Why Google Ads?

Google ads are one of the most powerful advertisement platforms. Google ads will help you to drive more traffic and engagement on your website. Moreover, it will lead to a rise in sales.

Target potential customers

Getting front of sea highly active potential customers. Whenever they search for a related keyword, your website will first appear in front of them. So, if you want to reach out in front of potential clients, then opt for Google Ads.

See fast and quick results

Google Apps provides you an opportunity to measure everything in a short time. It involves your advertisement cost, profits, Ad clicks, website views, landing page visits, and so on. In a nutshell, you can come to know of everything with a single click.

Cost-effective and high returns

Google ads are a cost-effective advertisement manner. In comparison to any other marketing Style, Google ads are highly cheap and effective. Moreover, you can also enjoy a higher rate of interest using this amazing marketing strategy.

Our Range of Google Ads Services

Search advertising : Search advertising is an important Google advertising strategy to drive maximum benefit. Any business entity, irrespective of its size, can utilize and get benefit from using search ads.

Display advertising : Within the display advertising program, you can easily present your ads to various blogs. It helps you to create more engagement and brand value.

Video ads : Video AD is a great way to make healthy relationships with potential customers. Your video ads will play before related YouTube videos. Moreover, they will also appear on the side of the website search engine page.

Google shopping ads : It is specifically for online retail marketing business. So, if you are an E-Commerce retailer, you can easily showcase your products using it.

Our Approach to Google Ads Management

Research and Discovery

Firstly we will learn and research about your products and services. We also try to know about your profit margins, target audience, and your objectives.

Competitive research

Protech Planners take the proper time to analyze your industry. Moreover, we also use the latest softwares to analyze the footprint of your competitors. We believe that knowing about your competitors will help you to stand out.

Comprehensive account analysis

Without a deep and competitive analysis in Google ads management, we believe it is not the right job. So we, first of all, have a look at the historical data. We thoroughly analyze all the past trends before planning our strategy.

Builds strategy and campaign

Finally, we prepare an effective PPC strategy. Our specialist prepare a complete PPC action plan and strategies. Moreover, our strategies will deliver the best results, helping you achieve your business goals and objectives.

Optimize, grow, repeat

All the ads have to undergo a test using the latest testing methods. So this will help you to determine the highest clicks and conversion rates. Moreover, we make sure that your PPC campaigns are properly optimized, matching your needs.

Contact Protech Planner

If you want your Google ad to be created in no time, contact us. Apart from this, we also offer various Digital Marketing Services. So make sure that explore our website and know more about the marketing services.